Sep 19, 2012

Fall free letter tile cards

Fall is here and we can take advantage of this teachable moment to learn some fall related words in Spanish.
Are you ready? Get some stuff to talk about Fall, you can use pics of some like crow, squirrel and real props like dried leaves, corn, pumkin and acorns.
Let children talk about the pics, ask questions such as 
  • What's this?
  • Where did you find it?
  • What colour is this?
  • What animal is this?
Tell children they will learn the Spanish form of these words:
Squirrel / Ardilla
Leaf / Hoja
Acorn / Bellota
Crow / Cuervo
Corn / Maíz
Pumpkin / Calabaza

Let children form the words using the tiles in the cards.
To prepare the letter tiles you just need to print, cut and laminate them.

Happy Fall you all!

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