Feb 22, 2012

Author Introduction: Tabitha Carro

¡Hola a Todos!

I am super excited about the Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse and very thankful to Lydia for making this much needed resource available to all of us.

I am Tabitha Carro of FlapJack Educational Resources and also The Green Classroom. I am a native of Georgia (the state) and my Spanish journey didn't start until college. I took some basic Spanish courses and thanks to an awesome professor, I fell in love with the language. I spent two summers in Trujillo, Honduras teaching English, but I still needed an extra push to achieve fluency. So, I met an Argentinian online who didn't speak a lick of English and fell in love. That was just what I needed! Through endless hours of Skype and chat, I became fluent in the Spanish language and gained an amazing husband through the process (He just became a U.S. citizen this past November, whoop, whoop!)! And he does speak English now :).

To sum up our romance, we met officially in Lima, Peru, were engaged in Mexico City, Mexico, married in Zarate, Argentina, spent our honeymoon in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and just enjoyed our 4th-year anniversary in Punta Cana, DR!

Lima, Peru (the day we first met in person!)

Meanwhile, I was also a kindergarten teacher for six years in Augusta, GA. My husband started a Hispanic newspaper in Columbia, SC, so two years ago I began to look for an ordinary teaching position there, not expecting to find one with the job situation being what it is. However, I won the lottery when I found out that Lexington, SC had a Spanish partial-immersion program (math and science are taught in Spanish by one teacher, English and social studies are taught in English by another). I was hired and made the jump to 4th grade and will never go back! Kids are so great at this age, and I love all that we can do together. And it is truly amazing to watch these children grow in their own Spanish journeys. I can only imagine the doors that will open for them in the future thanks to the immersion program.

I would love to connect with other Spanish teachers in whatever format that may be. Sometimes Í feel a little perdida since there are fewer of us.

I am so excited to share and receive Spanish resources here at the Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse.

¡Sigamos en contacto!

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  1. Oh, my goodness. What a romantic story:)

    Welcome to the club, Tabitha!


  2. I just came upon your pinterest and now reading this I will definitely follow you. Very unique loveable story you and your husband have...love it.




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