Aug 20, 2014

Bilingual Blog Hop: FREEBIES and a $100 Giveaway

FREEBIES and a $100 Giveaway

That's some exciting news!
We have a wonderful Bilingual Blog Hop going on today. You are invited to come join us and grab some FREEBIES! We are also having a $100 TPT Giveaway for two lucky winners.

Click on my Kinder Alphabet blog button to get you started. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Aug 16, 2014

Free Rhyming Puzzles In Spanish

We all know that recognition of rhyme is one of the first ways that a child demonstrates phonological awareness (an important part of literacy development).  

Teaching students to recognize and produce rhyme is a whole lot of fun.  Using books with rhyme is a great way to introduce this concept.  When you read rhyming books, children are exposed to the rhythm of language.  Using books in this manner also improves oral language development.  Here are a few of my favorite books:

Huevos verdes con jamón and El viejo y su puerta which is a cute book about an older man that misunderstands his wife.  She asks him to bring "la puerca" to the BBQ, but he ends up bringing "la puerta".

Matching games are also ideal for teaching students to recognize and produce rhyme.

I made these rhyming puzzles, I hope your kids have as much fun as mine did! Click on the image to get them.
 Happy rhyming!

Aug 15, 2014

Reading log freebie!

Teachers have two “New Year” celebrations: one in January and the other one in August. Start the year off right by establishing a routine for reading, even if your students are not able to read or write yet. 

This reading log is designed for beginner readers. It contains a parent letter (English/Spanish), and a reading log calendar (September-June)

I hope you can use it in your class! Click on the picture to download. 

Aug 11, 2014

It is almost here!

Hi Everyone!

It is almost here!!! The day when we will get to meet our new "batch" of students is just a couple of days away for most of us.  It sure is exciting!!!

We teach a two way dual language model with a partner teacher. As we start gathering ideas of how we want our classrooms to look like,  we want to share with you a few tips that we have found to be key for our dual classes to run smoothly:

  • In a co-teach situation, our goal is always to ensure that both classrooms mirror each other in order to make it easier for the students to learn academic content. Dual language classrooms that “mirror” each other are in fact classrooms where the lessons are carefully planned in a way that the content and skills acquired one day in one of the language classrooms enable students to build on and develop new skills in their other language classroom. 
  • Plan with your partner teacher for similar routines and procedures so that your students feel more at ease switching back and forth between the two language classrooms every day. You don't want them to have to learn a new set of guidelines for each classroom. We actually have the same morning and afternoon procedures in both our classrooms.
  • Always set aside a few minutes to meet with your partner teacher  at the end of every day. We meet to go over our lesson plan for that day and discuss how it went. Our meeting is short and sweet, but it helps us recap on what took place in both language settings and gives shape to the next day.

These are all simple tips, however they make a huge difference in helping our language learners experience success in a dual setting.
We hope you have an AMAZING school year! 
The Dual Trio

Aug 7, 2014

Ready Or Not

¡Hola amigos!
I'm Libby from First Grade Dual
you can read all about me aquí

I cannot believe our first day back is Monday.
Seems wrong to go back to school in mid-August, so ready or not, here we go :)

I don't know about you, but I love to have my kiddos draw themselves on the first day of school and compare it to the last day. What kid doesn't like to draw :) 
To grab your free copy click the image above or here. (Available for kinder as well). 

Enjoy the rest of your summer, 
:) Libby

Meet the Teacher!

Hello again everyone!

In the spirit of our "back to school mode" I'd like to share what it is that I do with my students before we even start school.  Like many of you might do, we have a "Meet the Teacher" day for our incoming kinder students. We call it our Ice Cream Social. It is short and sweet but helps to alleviate the fears and anxieties of the students, and let's face it, our anxieties as well. Basically we....

1. Send out invitations to all families weeks before so they can make plans to attend.
2. On the day of the social we welcome families and introduce the teachers.
3. Each teacher calls out the students on her list and provides them with ice cream.
4. Families come to their new teacher's classroom to look around and ask any questions. Basically .... meet the teacher!
5. Families go home!

I love this structure because it only takes about an hour total. That's the shortest first day ever! It really helps lower anxiety levels on the first day of school which is usually after the weekend. I also get to meet the parents and start to associate names with faces. I can also start to see who might need that extra special attention on the first day because they are already writing all over the board or throwing things even while their parents are there. You know  ..... those students.

In order to give families something to do while waiting to speak to me (otherwise they just stand in a really long line) I give them a Scavenger Hunt to complete. It is just a list of items that I want students to familiarize themselves with. Its a win-win for everyone. I might also be known to give students a treat if they complete the sheet. I know everyone's classroom is different so the link above is just to give you an idea.  

Have a great first day of school!!!

Aug 6, 2014

So many back to school posts!

Hello all,

This is Leah Meiser from Lectura Para Niños

Wow... I have seen so many back to school posts with amazing classroom pictures.  You all motivate me to want to make my room even better than it ever has been before.  I've been in and out for the last two weeks and still have a mess to go through!  My room doesn't necessarily have a theme except PRIMARY COLORS! 
New Wonders/Maravillas Reading Series!  Soon there will be labels with Theme 1-Theme 10
Classroom library, still needs work, but we're getting there!!!
Reading Centers that need new labels!!!
My Word Wall that the kids refer to often when they write!
I've been scanning blogs with the classroom pics and have seen so many wonderful things!  One of my new favorite decoration is one from my teaching partner.  I haven't done this yet, but I will!!!  She has taken duct tape and decorated her shelves that have been falling apart, plastic tubs, as well as around her white boards!  I can't believe the difference it has made!  Things look BRAND NEW again!  After another training in this afternoon, off to Fred Meyer to get some colorful duct tape for my shelves!!  So Fun!
So... I know there is lots to improve on my organization, but I still have another two weeks to go! 
Here is one of my $1.00 items to help!  Eventually I will have more pictures to add to this throughout the year.  Many of my tubs do not have the label yet!  SOON!  SOON!  I love my new organizational center system.  I have 4 colored tables and will be rotating my centers throughout the week!  This will be a lifesaver for me especially if I have a sub!  All they have to do is rotate the wheel and centers are ready for you!  There is no messing up! 

Be sure to follow my FB page as well!  I usually make my announcements as there!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!   Also... don't forget to check out my blog with a HUGE LIST of FREEBIES!  

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!



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