Feb 17, 2012

Spanish Word List {Kinder}

I use a list of Spanish words for each grading period. The list is created by our District's planning guide. We review a couple of words per week, but I post the entire chart as a visual for where we need to go next. I call this list our "Palabras Importantes."  These words are what they call "the most frequently occurring in reading and writing." You will see that the list is divided into 4 mini-lists. List #1 is used during the first grading period. I add List #2 during the second grading period and so on. I definitely teach reading and writing using the syllabic method. These are just separate focus words that our District and administrators require.

This is a sample of my chart for list #2. We chant the words every day, but we focus our activities on the words of the week in our plans.

Click on the picture to get my list of Spanish words.


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