Mar 28, 2012

Two New "Earthy" Units

Hey all,

Just wanted to share two new units I have created with you guys! Both are bilingual and all activity pages come in English and Spanish!

"It's Good to Be Green" is a unit I created all about goods, resources, and how they move, with a tie-in how to conserve our earth's natural resources and be "green" as well!

"A Little Dirt Never Hurt" is a supplemental unit all about plants!

Here is a little freebie from this unit for you all!

You can click on the images of the units if you are interested and it will take you to my TpT store -or- I am hosting a giveaway right now with a fellow blogger in which both of these units are up for grabs!

If you would like to enter our giveaway and try your luck ;)! Here is the link!

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