Apr 22, 2012

WIDA Can-Do Classroom Template Freebie

Working with ELLs you know it can be difficult to keep track of their language proficiency in the different domains - listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Some kids are great speakers, but struggle with listening.  Others can read well, but struggle to write.  ELLs progress at different rates within the language domains.  

I'm sharing a template that allows you to keep track of you entire class of ELLs on one page.  You will be able to see where student X lies in each domain and compare him to student Y, while also refering to what they are able to do, and push them to the next level.

This can help you with grouping, differentiating, questioning, deciding accommodations, etc.  Previously I always had to use an Excel sheet or separate Can-Do descriptor pages.  Here you can see all of you students on one page.  

Here is an example: 

The freebie is  Word Document so you can make it look fancy and adjust it to fit your needs.  

Click the image below to go straight to my TpT store for the freebie.

You can find more resources at my blog:

Mrs. Castro

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