Jul 25, 2014

First Day Welcome

Going back to school is right around the corner for most of us (if you haven't already begun), and it is always nice to have a few ideas in the bank to welcome your students and even colleagues that first day back (as let's be honest, we all have some of those first day jitters!).

Last year as a coach, I placed one of these fun little snacks into each of the new dual language staffs' mailboxes.

It is just a little way to say "have a great day!"
You can punch the bags and tie on the saying with ribbon as I did, or just go ahead and tape it right on  there!

The image below represents a second version I created, which may be a great one to use with students the first day if you plan to set them out on their desks, etc. Click on the image and you can download either of the versions for free :).

Happy start to your school year!

The Second Grade Super Kids and Beyond

1 comment:

  1. Love these Krista! I did a little spin on your play on words with goldfish for my kiddos last year, too! Such a cute idea!!

    Bitty Bilinguals



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