Jul 11, 2014

Interactive Word Walls

Hey y'all!!!

We wanted to share with you what to us is one of the key elements to a successful dual language classroom: yes, we are talking about interactive word walls. Year after year, we see our learner's exceed our expectations when it comes to building meaningful sentences and even stories using our interactive word wall.  
Our students use word walls to sort words by initial or ending sounds, by parts of speech, to classify nouns, to divide words in syllables, to complete sentence stems, to form plurals, and to write short stories, riddles, and poems! The possibilities are endless!!!
Our word walls started simple, just with words written on index cards on white magnetic boards and lockers.  
As we have seen the engagement that takes place when the students interact with the word wall, we have continued to add words, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives, etc.  We want to give the students as much tools to build meaningful sentences and have fun with the language at the same time.

As we stated earlier,  we started with very simple word walls, however if you want to save yourself some of the work, here is a product we created that we think you may find very useful!
In this product have we put together all the elements we have been using so far. It is ready to use! It will be 50% off in our tpt store until the end of July.

Here is a freebie that your students can use as they interact with your word walls!

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  1. Hello, May i have permission use this picture, fully referenced in my Edu assignment? It is a great example



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