Jul 20, 2014

Put a smile on their faces... praise them!

Hello friends:

As the new school year is fast approaching, it's hard for me not think about my new kiddos this year! I love to make them feel welcome and most of all, I like to make them feel important.

I like to use any opportunity I have to praise my students for their good actions, gestures, hard work and effort. I think that a little gesture can boost your students confidence and help them perform better in class.

I would like to share with you different resources I use to put a big smile on my kiddos faces, and make them feel confident in my classroom!

These bracelets were a huge success last year in my class, and I am planning to use it this year also! You just need to print, cut and have them ready to celebrate a special moment in your classroom!

A colleague from Puerto Rico shared this message last year with me and  I LOVED IT!!! I made it into a  mini poster and shared it with my students.

I  also printed it on cards stock and hung it out on my wall! I made sure it was visible to all my students!

This year I am going to add these cute cards to my rewards collection! I am also using them as stickers! You can download it for free {HERE} or from my blog.

For kids, I think kind words are worth more than toys! I hope you can use these ideas with your students and share new ones with me!

Have fun!

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B is for bilingual

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