Aug 4, 2014

First Day Impressions

One of the most important days of school is coming soon. For most students (Kindergarden and first graders over all of them) this is a critical day... They are going to meet their teacher!! They are going to spend one year with her (or him) and it is important to let them now we care about them and we want them to be happy and excited in the classroom, working and enjoying while they learn new things.
For this important day I am going to let you know three things I find essential.
You need to develop your expectations on this first day letting them know how they have to behave and what you want them to do and how. Make a poster with these rules or let them do it so they participate in this process and they feel part of the builders of this new classroom.
Have everything prepared even the small details. Plan the day in advance with nice and fun activities to break the ice.
Be patient, helpful and kind... The kids need to feel secure in the school and they use to be afraid of new things... They need to know the difference between being a teacher when they are working and being a teacher when they are playing in the playground. Let them know this difference but you can do both things smiling!!

Happy First Day of School!!
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