Aug 6, 2014

So many back to school posts!

Hello all,

This is Leah Meiser from Lectura Para Niños

Wow... I have seen so many back to school posts with amazing classroom pictures.  You all motivate me to want to make my room even better than it ever has been before.  I've been in and out for the last two weeks and still have a mess to go through!  My room doesn't necessarily have a theme except PRIMARY COLORS! 
New Wonders/Maravillas Reading Series!  Soon there will be labels with Theme 1-Theme 10
Classroom library, still needs work, but we're getting there!!!
Reading Centers that need new labels!!!
My Word Wall that the kids refer to often when they write!
I've been scanning blogs with the classroom pics and have seen so many wonderful things!  One of my new favorite decoration is one from my teaching partner.  I haven't done this yet, but I will!!!  She has taken duct tape and decorated her shelves that have been falling apart, plastic tubs, as well as around her white boards!  I can't believe the difference it has made!  Things look BRAND NEW again!  After another training in this afternoon, off to Fred Meyer to get some colorful duct tape for my shelves!!  So Fun!
So... I know there is lots to improve on my organization, but I still have another two weeks to go! 
Here is one of my $1.00 items to help!  Eventually I will have more pictures to add to this throughout the year.  Many of my tubs do not have the label yet!  SOON!  SOON!  I love my new organizational center system.  I have 4 colored tables and will be rotating my centers throughout the week!  This will be a lifesaver for me especially if I have a sub!  All they have to do is rotate the wheel and centers are ready for you!  There is no messing up! 

Be sure to follow my FB page as well!  I usually make my announcements as there!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!   Also... don't forget to check out my blog with a HUGE LIST of FREEBIES!  

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


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