Feb 13, 2012

Parent-Teacher Communication

Bilingual teachers are lucky to have student families who value education and want to be part of their child's learning. It is important to encourage these parents to participate in our classrooms and schools. Many are willing and capable to do so, but many others are working parents with schedules that are not flexible enough to participate in school events or even volunteer. Teachers have to make sure to find ways to keep all parents informed of student expectations, progress and much more.

Here are some ideas that will help teachers communicate effectively with parents.

1. First of all, we need current phone numbers. These will be very useful in case of emergencies and when attempting to set up conference times.
2. Give parents a list of learning goals and classroom rules/procedures.
3. Provide an updated class schedule. (Some parents will take students to school after a doctor's appointment. This schedule will be useful when parents are looking for your class in the middle of the day. It is also very convenient to post your schedule on the outside of your door.)
4. Create a weekly newsletter. This will keep parents informed of weekly goals, upcoming events and early release days.
5. Some teachers use weekly homework folders. I prefer to use daily folders with practice activities and behavior notes. Kindergarten parents sign this folder every day and are always up to date on classroom happenings.

Here is a free printable to record student phone numbers to help you get started with your parent communication efforts.

¡Hasta pronto!

♥Lidia R. Barbosa

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