Jun 27, 2014

Angélica Sandoval

Hello!  My name is Angélica Sandoval and I have a blog called Maestra Sandoval.  I am a dual language educator in Chula Vista, California.  I have taught for 19 years in Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade under the umbrella of bilingual education including dual language.  Most of my experience has been teaching in Spanish to second language learners. 

My passion and hobby is and will always be creating curriculum for bilingual educators.   I started creating materials in Spanish 19 years ago when I started teaching my first group of 1st graders.  I didn’t have the necessary materials to teach in Spanish so I had to make them.

I also love to share my classroom strategies and ideas by presenting them at bilingual educators conferences.  I have presented at NABE (National Association Bilingual Educators, CABE (California Association Bilingual Educators), COSECHA-New Mexico’s Dual Language Conference, San Diego Dual Language Conferences and many more. 

I'm so happy and excited to have this opportunity!  I will be blogging here on the 27th of each month.  The next time you will see a post from me, I will have started my next school year!!!  Yikes!!!  I will definitely blog on how my first days of school went!!  Stay tuned! :o)  

Angélica Sandoval

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