Jun 28, 2014

Kelly Serrano from Learning in Two Languages

Excited, ecstatic, or just pure entusiamada to be here and share with all of you parts of my journey as a Dual Language Teacher in the upper grades.

My name is Kelly Serrano (teacher (aka super hero), sister, friend, travel lover, and not a very good cook). I just finished my first year as a dual language teacher at a 90/10 school (Spanish/English respectively) and I loved it. While I have been teaching for a bit over 7 years now, I think my journey in a dual language classroom has been the best one yet. I not only loved the challenges presented when teaching in both languages, but also getting to know all the people who make programs like the one I am part of...successful.

If you teach in a dual language classroom, you know you work TWICE as hard and our brains (at least I feel) are in overdrive the entire day as we think in both languages and switch back and forth between them. My journey as a blogger started as a need to connect with other teachers out there. I felt I was a bit alone when I started as dual-language programs are not the norm in Los Angeles, CA. Learning in Two Languages (my blog) is 'the cart in a roller coaster' that takes my readers thru my different journeys. There I share curriculum choices, materials, finds, and thoughts I have as I navigate the 'waters' of the dual-language world. Through blogging I have been able to meet amazing teachers/educators from all over, and together we are strong. This blog, Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse, is a testimony of that collaboration as we work together to bring you best practices and our overall experiences as teachers.

If you would like to know more about me, head over to my blog. I would love it if you stop by.



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