Jun 22, 2014

Capital letters in Spanish

Hi! I am Lita Lita from Learning in Spain.
I teach 1st-2nd graders in a Spanish school. We have a bilingual program and sometimes it is difficult for our students to remember when some spelling rules.

When the same teacher teaches both languages in the same classroom students might mix the rules. That's why I create anchor charts all the time. I have separate walls for each language so they don't get confused. 

The kids loved referring to them and some copied them. That's why I created 'fill in the gaps anchor charts'. We use them to review or evaluate. The kids file them in their language binders and we staple them together at the end of the year to create a spelling reference book.

This is an example: Capital Letters.

We do not use capital letters for months or days of the week in Spanish. It is easier than that. 

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  1. Love this, as it is always a concept students can review! Thanks, Paula!

    The Second Grade Superkids



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