Jun 21, 2014

Monica from MommyMaestra

Hola, Everyone! This is Monica from MommyMaestra.com. I'm a Latina homeschooler and freelance education writer. A sixth generation Latina who lives far from my familia and community, I struggle everyday to pass on my heritage to my children. Homeschooling provides me that opportunity.

When I started on this journey five years ago, I discovered there were no websites for Latino homeschoolers to help me get started or support me over the course of the school year. MommyMaestra began as a way to share my experience in homeschooling, but it quickly expanded into a site that shares bilingual resources for parents and educators who are teaching children in a bilingual setting. These resources include printables, books, websites, programs, product reviews, and other opportunities - some in English and some in Spanish.

L4LL's DIY Summer Reading Camp Spanish

I'm also the co-founder of Latinas for Latino Lit, and am the creator of the L4LL Latino Children's Summer Reading Program. We offer a basic free subscription with materials in English and Spanish. This year's program has expanded to include a DIY Summer Reading Camp that I designed with my own children in mind. It is also available in English or Spanish. You can download free sample pages both on MommyMaestra and on Latinas4LatinoLit.org.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to participate in this group and look forward to sharing resources, as well as discovering other awesome materials from my fellow educators.

Un abrazo,


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  1. So glad to meet you Monica. I look forward to learning from you.



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