Jun 6, 2014

Lectura Para Niños

Hello everyone!  My name is Leah Meiser.  I was born and raised in Yakima, WA.  I am currently teaching in the same school system I grew up in.  I have a BA in Elementary Education with Minors in both Reading and English as a second Language.  I also have a Master's degree with the focus on teaching reading to Kindergarten and First grade.  I am happily married with two beautiful children.  This was not a planned picture, but it turned out showing the true spirit of our kids! :-)

I'm a kindergarten teacher in an Early Exit classroom.  I teach 90% of my day in Spanish, the rest in English.  I've been teaching kindergarten for 17 years (my first two years in English, the rest have all been in Spanish.  My school has changed models several times since I've been there.  We've gone from Early Exit, to Dual, to Late, and back to Early Exit again.  Of all of the programs we've had, Dual by far has been the most rewarding!  

In our Early Exit program, our English dominant kiddos (determined by LAS placement) stay in the English only strands.  Our predominantly Spanish speakers stay in the Early Exit strands.  Our school is made up of 85% Hispanic students, 5% other and 10% Caucasian students.  95% of our kiddos qualify for free and reduced lunch.  

I have received several technology grants bringing my classroom a little bit more up to date. I now have a projector, document camera, 30 classroom response systems (Turning Technologies), and 8 Dell Latitude tablets.  I am currently applying for another cohort to be a part of the 21st century technology for our ESD 105.  

When I started teaching none of my parents had a computer.  Now, I have about 5 with laptops and the majority all have Smart phones.  I created a FB account to communicate with my parents.  This has been the best year of my career so far having this communication!  We have built relationships and trust between us all.  I highly recommend creating an account for your classroom.  We aren't allowed to post pictures of the students, but we can post student work, messages, UTUBE videos that enhance instruction in the classroom, etc.  This has helped in so many ways!  My students have also been allowed to type messages back and forth to their families while at school or from home to me. 

Feel free to check out my other sites and follow along!  



  1. What a wonderful use of technology to facilitate conversation and strengthen that home-school connection.

  2. Welcome, Leah! I'm so happy that you have joined our Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse team.

  3. Wow Leah! I never thought about opening a Facebook account. That sounds like a great idea. Especially since I will be moving to another school for next school year.



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