Jun 11, 2014

Hello from the Dual Trio

Hi Everyone!

We are The Dual Trio: Three teachers living in a DUAL World!

I'm Veronica. I have been teaching for 14 years, 10 of those years were in Puerto Rico. I am married and have two daughters. I have a Masters in Education and a Masters in Translation (Spanish/English). I first taught One Way Dual Language and this is my second year teaching 1st grade Two Way Dual Language.

Hey! I'm Kimmy. Last year I was Veronica's ESL partner in 1st grade Dual Language. I am currently living in New York, getting my masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Instruction. For my undergrad I attended the University of Texas at Austin. I have taught for 5 years. I have co-taught with Special Ed inclusion for 2 years and have taught Kindergarten and First Grade.

Hey guys!  I'm Katia. This is my 6th year teaching 1st grade and my 1st year teaching in a Two Way Dual Language classroom. I graduated from Midwestern State University and I am currently working on my masters in Bilingual Education/Dual Language.

How we became The Dual Trio...
Last school year the three of us (Katia, Kimmy, and Veronica) were writing Science Curriculum for our district and became fast friends. Kimmy and Veronica were teaching dual language and I (Katia) was still in a transitional bilingual classroom but would be beginning my dual journey the upcoming year. We had so many conversations and questions about dual that we realized we may not be the only ones feeling that way. We came together to write a book for Dual Language teachers Guide to Dual: How to Implement Dual Language in the Elementary Classroom  where we share our experiences, victories, and struggles along the way. Teaching Dual Language has been an amazing journey and through our blog we also want to share what we do! Staying connected with other educators in the field is key to success.  There is so much to learn from so many wonderful teachers out there!

We are so excited to be part of this amazing community of bilingual teachers!!!

(P.s. I apologize for the delay on the post I just arrived in New Zealand and the time difference got to me! ;) - Katia) 

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  1. Welcome, Dual Trio! I'm so happy that you have joined our Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse team.



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