Sep 6, 2014

Hello everyone!  This is Leah Meiser from Lectura Para Niños !  I just finished teaching my second week of school!  Boy was it busy!!  I feel like we're starting from scratch every year.  I am starting my 18th year of Kindergarten and the shock of back to school hits me every time!  I have a great group this year and the lowest class size I've ever had!  Only 21 students!  I'm sure I'll be back up to 24-26 soon!  I've always started the year with 25 kids.

This year we have adopted a new reading series - Maravillas (Wonders) - McGraw Hill and Engage New York - Eureka Math.  It is definitely a struggle to set new routines after so many years!  I have tried to keep up with organizing so many materials!  Here is what I have done to help create labels for for the Maravillas Series.  These free labels also work for the Wonders series as well or any other reading series for that matter!
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