Sep 8, 2014

Where Is Your Class?

 It's Libby from

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As a first grade dual language teacher, I only speak Spanish in front of my kiddos.
If you're not familiar with the program, we do this so students use their Spanish language to communicate.  After summer, students feel more comfortable speaking English and this way students will feel the need to speak more in Spanish. 

It's so great how students are such sponges at this age.  Even my own little cutie pie speaks to me in Spanish at school.  I'm really fortunate to teach at a school where staff and administrators value being bilingual.

Well, this is the fifth week of school for us and boy are we busy!
Sometimes we get so busy we forget to let others know where we are, so to help you out I thought I'd make this bilingual freebie for you.
I'd love to hear from you.
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