Oct 4, 2014

October... Halloween arriving!!!

I want to share the activities I did last year with my students that went really well.
Of course we did different Halloween crafts and the children had a blast but they were too excited so I decided to do other Halloween involved activities to teach Maths and Spanish.

We went to the library and we read a poem where a witch explained how to make a potion and the children helped the librarían put all the ingredients into the cauldron.
We put all the crafts outside the classroom and we went home with a great booklet with all the Halloweeen related work.

If you want to find out more go to my blog where I´ll explain all the crafts and if you want to take a look to my activities resource (in Spanish and in English) take a look on my TPT page.

What about a fall freebie to start with...
Doubles (1 to 10)

Funmonkeybars :)


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