Oct 3, 2014

Time for Spiders...and a Free Resource!

¡Buenas! Ginger from School en casa here again, ready to usher in the epoch of spiders and all things creepy!

It's October, and many of you are looking ahead to Halloween. Do you celebrate it at your school? Whether you do or don't, it's the perfect time to study our arachnid friend, the spider! Did you know there are over 4,000 known species of spiders in North America alone? Despite their reputation, very few of these are at all dangerous to humans. Spiders are much more frequently of benefit to humans in their capacity of voracious insect predators. Our resident wolf spiders are currently controlling the cricket population that sneaks into my basement!

To help you in your spider studies, I have two resources to share!

First, a new "Libritos y tarjetas" product! It has a set of four-part cards covering six different species (with real pictures), a set of three-part cards covering nine spider body parts, and two matching booklets for students to make! And just for you, it's ON SALE right now in my TpT store! Sale ends this weekend, so pick it up if you can use it!

Libritos y tarjetas: Epecies y Partes de la araña | Spider

And second, a free resource! It's a spider diagram for labeling nine parts of a spider (the same ones in the cards above!), complete with an answer key. Just click on the picture to go download your free copy!

{Free} Label a Spider ~ Etiquetar la araña [Dual Immersion]

Happy spider studies!

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