Feb 3, 2015


I don't know about you, but when it looks like this outside my window...

...I feel inspired to add a little bit of Antarctica into our studies!

And while there are tons of fascinating animals in Antarctica, you just can't beat penguins for unique, fascinating, AND adorable.

In case you feel the same, I have two free resources for you today! One is for beginning readers in primary, and one is for older elementary students.

For the littles, incorporate science into your literacy block with these mixed-up sentences. Just cut out the cards and mix them up. Students find the cards with the same clip art, and then rearrange them until they get a complete sentence. To extend the activity, they can write down the sentence or illustrate it. Or you might have some easy readers on penguins available so they can find out more penguin facts! There are simple four-card sentences, and longer, more complex sentences, too.


For older students, cut out the task cards and put them on a ring or in an envelope. Use them in a center or for your fast finishers. They'll learn penguin facts and practice some skills that always need review, like measurement and map reading.


And if you are working on multiplication fact fluency, you might be interested in this set of printable games. No prep for you, and fun and skill building for your students!

 ¡Depredador! Antarctica Printable Multiplication Games in Spanish

To pick up your free resources, just click over to my blog and download them there!

- Ginger at School en casa


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