Jun 20, 2014

B is for Bilngual

Hola! My name is Mynda Rivera from B is for Bilingual. I just completed my 9th year of teaching. In my first five years, I taught Pre-Kindergarten in a One-Way Dual Language classroom. For the next three years, I taught Two-Ways Dual Language 2nd grade. Currently, I am teaching Two-Ways Dual Language 1st grade.

I love teaching Dual Language. I just don't have the opportunity to teach to native speakers, but also to Spanish learners. I teach Spanish Language Arts, Science and Social Studies in Spanish. My teammate teaches English & Math in English.

I love to create fun and engaging lessons! I always try to add a hands-on or "craftivity" in all of my lessons. I believe that if you let your students create their own product, they will make real life connections and put in practice what they have learned.

I am also a mom and wife. I am married to a wonderful man who also teaches. We have two beautiful children-- a 5-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl. I am a happy mom, wife, friend and teacher.

I hope you can find ideas and good resources on this blog! Thank you so much for stopping by and I would like you to visit me on


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