Jun 18, 2014

Primero Bilingüe

¡Hola amigos!

My name is Susana Olivera-Lopez. I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico where I lived most of my life. I am currently living in Texas with my furry son, Tito, a Schnauzer.

I studied Social Communications and after I graduated I enrolled in an Alternative Certification Program and became a Bilingual Teacher in the State of Texas. I taught EFL for several years in Monterrey and now I work in public schools in the state of Texas and dedicate some of my time to create resources in Spanish I can use in my class.

I moved to Texas almost 8 years ago. I have taught Pre-K, Kinder and first grade bilingual. During all these years I taught L.A., Science, and Social Studies in Spanish and Math in English. After working 8 years for the same school district, I am ready to move on and start a new adventure. I will be moving to Houston and be a third grade bilingual teacher. For the first time I will share groups. I will be responsible for teaching Math and Science, while my partner will teach the rest of the subjects.

I feel very excited for all the new things I´ll learn but also feel challenged because I don´t have experience teaching third grade, but now I know I have the support and resources I need to be successful.
How do I know that? Well... because I found this wonderful group of educators who are committed to create useful resources and are willing to share their knowledge.
Please stay connected with us so we can learn from each other.

You can find my products on Teachers payTeachers and some of my anecdotes on my blog.

Have a great summer!

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