Jul 4, 2014

Great Day to start posting in this blog! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

Hi!  My name is Gema Perez and I am thrilled to be a part of this awesome group of bilingual teachers.
I am almost in my 18th year teaching in Elementary Education. I have taught in 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th grades developing all kind of subjects and projects with the children but most of the time I am teaching ESL, EFL or Spanish as a foreign language. I have been teaching in Spain most of my life but a couple of years ago I came to the USA to be a teacher in a Dual Immersion Program in Utah (50/50) teaching the Spanish portion of the program. 
Every new experience is gratifying, it makes me improve and develop my teaching, social, technological... skills and I LOVE IT!
I love to learn and be involved in new projects and opportunities and when I see that somewhere I don't let it go! That's why I didn't stop studying when I finished my teaching degree. I continued studying and taking new courses and trainings. I finished a master in Methods of educational instruction/Teaching and tutoring ability (Pedagogy) and another one in English language and literature (Philology) and I do all the new trainings that I can every year (I love SUECON in Southern Utah and SWCOLT in the South West of US).
I started a blog last year called FUN MONKEY BARS and also everything related with it (facebook, pinterest boards, teachers pay teachers, twitter...). I love to create new things and share them with other teachers and I also love to get new ideas from other talented teachers to put into practice in my class.
I will be posting in this blog on the 4th of every month and I know this is going to be awesome. Hope you like my posts that are going to show a little bit of my experience and my ideas and if you are interested you can go to my blog or facebook page and follow me. It would be perfect if you give me your opinion about something you want me to talk about so don't hesitate in contacting me and tell me your ideas.

Because today is JULY 4th I have made a simple writing prompt to share with all of you. It is free and you can download it in Spanish and in English. 

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